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Chasing the corporate tax avoiders & fighting the cuts

Who we are & what we are about

We are a local protest group in the Bournemouth & Poole area, from all walks of life, who are appalled at the cuts this government is making to our public services whilst letting rich individuals and corporations avoid billions of pounds of tax. Join UK Uncut’s Big Society Revenue & Customs (BSRC) and become part of an army of citizen volunteers determined to make wealthy tax avoiders pay. If they won’t chase them, we will.

The government insists that drastic public spending cuts and a hike to VAT are essential. They claim that we’re all in this together. But both the cuts and the VAT increase will hit the poor and most vulnerable hardest.

We will be staging protests in local High Streets to highlight the fact that rich corporations and individuals are getting away with shirking £30bn of tax every year. For Vodafone, Philip Green, HSBC, Grolsch, HMV, Boots, Barclays, KPMG and others there is no fear of being fined by the government. Instead they can employ armies of lawyers and accountants to exploit legal loopholes and dodge billions in tax they owe to us.

Along with opposing the public services cuts we will be campaigning against the NHS reforms which in plain terms is nothing less than back-door privatisation.

If you’re angry that the government is cutting services for the poorest and most vulnerable whilst letting the rich avoid billions in tax, then please join us, even if you have never been on a protest before. Tell all your friends, family and colleagues. Come up with creative protest ideas. Start planning

The government is determined to plough ahead with these savage, unnecessary, ideological cuts. But a growing protest movement is starting to stage the fight back. Be a part of it.

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The Art of Protest – A Day of Skills Sharing – Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bournemoth Uncut are hosting ” The Art Of Protest”, Saturday 3rd March 2012, 10am – 8pm at Poole Labour Club.

The cuts are biting, the economy is faltering, and UK Uncut needs to grow in strength. Bournemouth Uncut are proudly hosting “The Art of Protest”. This free event will be a fantastic day of skills sharing; training in the core aspects of what it takes to be an organised direct action network.

We have invited key organisers from UK Uncut, Occupy and Green and Black Cross who will facilitate workshops and training in:

• How to organise direct actions
• How to run an effective communications campaign
• Knowing your rights / legal observing
• Tips and tricks in organising

This is a massively important opportunity for people from all around the region to come together and start planning for future Uncut actions in the South.

For any more information please get in touch

Action for the NHS – Sunday 5th February

The much opposed Health and Social Care Bill will come back into focus in the next few weeks. Local groups have joined together to create an “action for the NHS” event on Sunday 5th February  1pm – 3/4pm at Bournemouth Triangle.

The event is to gain public attention, interact with the public and engage them in the opposition to the Health and Social Care Bill – due back in the Lords and Commons this February. All Talent’s are welcome. pairs of hands needed to join in the display or interact with the public via leaflets/conversation and aim to get some signatures on the template letters. Everybody welcome – let’s all work together in this attempt to make the public realise the danger their future health is in. All those that need to do last minute preps we will be meeting at 12 noon in Flirt.

Facebook Event 

Bournemouth Uncut – Planned Actions on Saturday 3rd/10th/17th December

Saturday 3rd and 10th December 2011 – 13.00 – 15.00

In the run up to Christmas members of Bournemouth Uncut will be hitting the streets to leaflet/petition and educate people about the cuts and the alternatives. Too many people still do not know who Uncut are and we need to raise the Uncut Profile. When many are busily preparing for the festive season we would like to take the opportunity to urge them to think of those in hardship this Christmas due to this Governments unfair policies and put the alternative forward.

We will be dressing up as Christmas/Pantomime characters to get some attention and seem less threatening. We also aim to create an eye catching visual display regarding what we have all lost this Christmas and there will even be free cake! The more stupid we look the more approachable we are! So make something fun to wear and we’ll see you on the streets!

Saturday 17th December 2011 13.00 – 15.00

As above, but to be followed by a bank occupation. With all the ground work done before in the previous weeks, hopefully people will be more receptive and know who we are, what we are doing and why.

Meeting Place for all events is – Sainsbury’s – 11 Pitwines Close, Poole, BH15 1XU

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Block the Bill – Block the Bridge

On Sunday 9th October a spectacular act of mass civil disobedience will be held in London in a last-ditch attempt to defeat the government’s Health and Social Care bill. Goups from all over the country will bring traffic to a halt by blocking Westminster Bridge at 1pm, days before the final vote in the House of Lords.

Via UK Uncut, a  free coach is being organised from our area  to take anyone who would like to attend. It will be leaving Poole around 9am, with a pick up point in Bournemouth – full details TBC. If you would like to book a seat, please email or call/text 07983485688.

Event details
UK Uncut press release
Facebook Event

How to help defend the NHS

Join the NHS big weekend 3-4 September      click here for info on how to campaign to save our nhs  On Sept 7th 2011 MPs will vote on the Health and Social Care Bill. Despite ammendments and government claims of having listened to the professionals and public this Bill threatens the very existence if our NHS as it was intended. Of course history has taught us that the Tories have never supported the idea of free health care for all based on need not finances. This Bill opens up our NHS to allow private health care providers to enter the UKs health “market” and syphon off profits for their shareholders from our taxes, which should be re-invested in the NHS.

The Bill is longer than that which founded the NHS in 1948. Andrew Lansley has been working for many years on how to open up the UK’s health “market” to large corporations, and whilst doing so these private corporations made large donations to the Tory party.

As well as being opposed to the idea of private companies making profits from our ill health there are a cascade of consequences, should MPs vote to pass it. These include drop in care standards, corner, cutting cost cutting in order to compete, services removed from nhs provision, medical training splintered, struggling hospitals forced to take in private paying patients over those who can’t afford to pay but have more urgent medical need etc..

Please take the time now to fight for our NHS for the future generations.


Funeral for the NHS 20/08/2011

Saturday, August 20 · 12:00pm – 1:30pm Bournemouth Town CentreMeet at Old Christchurch Road by Alcatraz

We have decided on a funeral for the NHS. The NHS bill is due to have its 3rd reading the first week in September, and we thought that this would get some well needed public and media attention before this crucial time.The plan was Victorian funeral dress if possible. If not then anything smart and black that you would wear to a funeral. We will be making a coffin, having a vicar, conducting a service etc. Lots of fun we thought and this new creative angle should get some well needed public attention and media interest.

There is lots to organise. Speeches to write, leaflets to research and print, banners to make etc. If you have any spare time and can offer any help it would be appreciated. If you can help out then just let me know. If not no worries, just do the event instead.

I hope you can make it!

Bournemouth Uncut Emergency Operation 28th May

We occupied three banks, walking in, handing out leaflets, giving chocolates to the staff and making speeches about the NHS and it’s imminent demise unless we all do something about it. After several of us entered LloydsTSB, a member of staff pushed the panic alarm and the automatic shutter door closed, leaving half the group outside (and locked several members of the public in).  During Kim’s speech, the same staff member turned up the background music to try and drown out the important message being delivered. However, unbeknown to him was the fact that (most) of the group locked in, are closet Tom Jones fans and they promptly began to dance along! This was a very successful event and a big well done to everyone involved. See you all at the next one! Click here to view pics and vids from the day

Minutes of Meeting 24th Feb 7pm

Present; 8 people

1) Protest – Sat 26th decided on Library bail-in because of the cuts to Libraries in Dorset. Meet @ 10.45am by Eternal Flame in B’mouth Square. Bring a book. Leaflet design and photocopy agreed. Facebook event created and tweeted. Ukuncut has been informed.

ACTIONS: a) does anyone in the group know of a friendly solicitor/lawyer who we can pass the contact details of around just in case?

b) We also need to contact the local press.

2) Future Dates in our diary –

Tue 1st March Poole Council – protest against the cuts. 6pm outside Civic Centre Poole.

Sat March 26th – huge TUC march in London. Discussion ensued about coaches organised by the unions from Bournemouth, where they were going from, how much it cost and whether non-members would be welcome.

ACTION: Someone from the group needs to investigate this and report back.

1st April – Lobby your MP over NHS reforms- make a surgery appointment

Bournemouth Council – there will inevitably be more cuts on the horizon, (especially day-care centre) so more protests expected.

3 AOB a) One person mentioned whether the group could use facebook chat to coordinate more with a regular meeting (every other Wed night was suggested)

Meeting closed at 8.20pm

Turn somewhere into a Library!

Turn somewhere into a Library!

Saturday, February 26 · 10:45am
Location    Bournemouth Square

Dorset County Council is looking to shut up to 20 libraries in our county. Meanwhile the banks, many of which are owned by the public, are paying themselves billions in bonuses.

Bournemouth UnCut will bring the two together on Saturday as we turn a bank into a Library for the morning.

The first bank bail-out was, let’s face it, astonishingly expensive and not much fun. The public was left billions lighter in the pocket, with litt…le more to show for it than their names in the fine print. What did we get for our money? Greater regulation to ensure the crash didn’t happen again? No. A reformed banking system that serves us rather than the city? No. How about penitent bankers showing restraint with their pay packets? Um, also no.

Luckily, The Big Society Bail-In is much cheaper, more effective and, crucially, much more fun. Intrepid Bournemouth Uncut volunteers will be bailing into the banks and setting up a library. After all, as Osborne’s valiant defence of city bonuses against common sense shows, the banks have nothing to fear from the austerity agenda. What better place to keep our services safe from the Treasury axe?

Wanna come along and help? Bring a book (or several) and meet us by the ‘eternal flame’ in Bournemouth Square on Saturday 10.45am sharp.!/event.php?eid=203112466365432

Dorset March Against the Cuts

Saturday, February 12 · 11:00am – 1:00pm

Dorchester Library

Dorset County Council plans massive cuts that will result in services to all sections of the local community being badly affected. Others public service bodies across the county are also looking to cut staff.

Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland TUC are organising a march to show public outrage at this ideologically led attack on public services, and the knock on effect it will have on the private sector across Dorset.

The plan is to meet at Dorchester Library and march through the town ending at a rally.

Full details here soon. But keep the date in you diary.