Bournemouth Uncut

Chasing the corporate tax avoiders & fighting the cuts

Who we are & what we are about

We are a local protest group in the Bournemouth & Poole area, from all walks of life, who are appalled at the cuts this government is making to our public services whilst letting rich individuals and corporations avoid billions of pounds of tax. Join UK Uncut’s Big Society Revenue & Customs (BSRC) and become part of an army of citizen volunteers determined to make wealthy tax avoiders pay. If they won’t chase them, we will.

The government insists that drastic public spending cuts and a hike to VAT are essential. They claim that we’re all in this together. But both the cuts and the VAT increase will hit the poor and most vulnerable hardest.

We will be staging protests in local High Streets to highlight the fact that rich corporations and individuals are getting away with shirking £30bn of tax every year. For Vodafone, Philip Green, HSBC, Grolsch, HMV, Boots, Barclays, KPMG and others there is no fear of being fined by the government. Instead they can employ armies of lawyers and accountants to exploit legal loopholes and dodge billions in tax they owe to us.

Along with opposing the public services cuts we will be campaigning against the NHS reforms which in plain terms is nothing less than back-door privatisation.

If you’re angry that the government is cutting services for the poorest and most vulnerable whilst letting the rich avoid billions in tax, then please join us, even if you have never been on a protest before. Tell all your friends, family and colleagues. Come up with creative protest ideas. Start planning

The government is determined to plough ahead with these savage, unnecessary, ideological cuts. But a growing protest movement is starting to stage the fight back. Be a part of it.

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One response to “Who we are & what we are about

  1. Wazza February 27, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    The Law! You do not have to give your name to a policy enforcement officer (police officer) if one of them asks and definately not to a PCSO. Unless you have committed a breach of the peace, and someone needs to have made a complaint, you have committed no offence under common law. Any other offences the policy enforcers throw at you will be statutes and statutes only apply to fictional persons who consent.
    Look up: the legal definition of person
    Definition of a statute.
    The difference between common law and statute law.
    Research on: what a straw man is.
    Lawful rebellion
    Freeman on the land

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