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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Minutes of Meeting 24th Feb 7pm

Present; 8 people

1) Protest – Sat 26th decided on Library bail-in because of the cuts to Libraries in Dorset. Meet @ 10.45am by Eternal Flame in B’mouth Square. Bring a book. Leaflet design and photocopy agreed. Facebook event created and tweeted. Ukuncut has been informed.

ACTIONS: a) does anyone in the group know of a friendly solicitor/lawyer who we can pass the contact details of around just in case?

b) We also need to contact the local press.

2) Future Dates in our diary –

Tue 1st March Poole Council – protest against the cuts. 6pm outside Civic Centre Poole.

Sat March 26th – huge TUC march in London. Discussion ensued about coaches organised by the unions from Bournemouth, where they were going from, how much it cost and whether non-members would be welcome.

ACTION: Someone from the group needs to investigate this and report back.

1st April – Lobby your MP over NHS reforms- make a surgery appointment

Bournemouth Council – there will inevitably be more cuts on the horizon, (especially day-care centre) so more protests expected.

3 AOB a) One person mentioned whether the group could use facebook chat to coordinate more with a regular meeting (every other Wed night was suggested)

Meeting closed at 8.20pm


Turn somewhere into a Library!

Turn somewhere into a Library!

Saturday, February 26 · 10:45am
Location    Bournemouth Square

Dorset County Council is looking to shut up to 20 libraries in our county. Meanwhile the banks, many of which are owned by the public, are paying themselves billions in bonuses.

Bournemouth UnCut will bring the two together on Saturday as we turn a bank into a Library for the morning.

The first bank bail-out was, let’s face it, astonishingly expensive and not much fun. The public was left billions lighter in the pocket, with litt…le more to show for it than their names in the fine print. What did we get for our money? Greater regulation to ensure the crash didn’t happen again? No. A reformed banking system that serves us rather than the city? No. How about penitent bankers showing restraint with their pay packets? Um, also no.

Luckily, The Big Society Bail-In is much cheaper, more effective and, crucially, much more fun. Intrepid Bournemouth Uncut volunteers will be bailing into the banks and setting up a library. After all, as Osborne’s valiant defence of city bonuses against common sense shows, the banks have nothing to fear from the austerity agenda. What better place to keep our services safe from the Treasury axe?

Wanna come along and help? Bring a book (or several) and meet us by the ‘eternal flame’ in Bournemouth Square on Saturday 10.45am sharp.!/event.php?eid=203112466365432

Dorset March Against the Cuts

Saturday, February 12 · 11:00am – 1:00pm

Dorchester Library

Dorset County Council plans massive cuts that will result in services to all sections of the local community being badly affected. Others public service bodies across the county are also looking to cut staff.

Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland TUC are organising a march to show public outrage at this ideologically led attack on public services, and the knock on effect it will have on the private sector across Dorset.

The plan is to meet at Dorchester Library and march through the town ending at a rally.

Full details here soon. But keep the date in you diary.

A Week To Go On The Petition

Please sign the Petition the Minister for Disabled People to Recall the Public Consultation on DLA Reform 

Things are hotting up now that there are only two weeks left until the Disability Living Allowance reform consultation closes on the 14th of February. The Broken of Britain has arranged for EDM 1332 in Westminster, a Statement of Opinion in the Welsh Assembly, and otherwise campaigning and lobbying. However, our first action was this petition calling on the Minister for Disabled People to recall the consultation and cancel reform plans. The petition will be presented to Maria Miller and the Department of Work and Pensions.

When the petition is submitted, we hope to have 10,000 signatures. At the moment, there are 3,786. The target should not pose great difficulties, as there are 3.1 million DLA claimants in the UK, so gathering 6,214 signatures in a week should not be a problem. The only obstacle is making sure that people know about it, and this is where we need your help. We need you to blog about the petition; tweet about it, e-mail the link to family and friends; post it on your websites. You can even accost random strangers on the street, but we don’t recommend it… Best of luck!