Bournemouth Uncut

Chasing the corporate tax avoiders & fighting the cuts

Minutes of Meeting 24th Feb 7pm

Present; 8 people

1) Protest – Sat 26th decided on Library bail-in because of the cuts to Libraries in Dorset. Meet @ 10.45am by Eternal Flame in B’mouth Square. Bring a book. Leaflet design and photocopy agreed. Facebook event created and tweeted. Ukuncut has been informed.

ACTIONS: a) does anyone in the group know of a friendly solicitor/lawyer who we can pass the contact details of around just in case?

b) We also need to contact the local press.

2) Future Dates in our diary –

Tue 1st March Poole Council – protest against the cuts. 6pm outside Civic Centre Poole.

Sat March 26th – huge TUC march in London. Discussion ensued about coaches organised by the unions from Bournemouth, where they were going from, how much it cost and whether non-members would be welcome.

ACTION: Someone from the group needs to investigate this and report back.

1st April – Lobby your MP over NHS reforms- make a surgery appointment

Bournemouth Council – there will inevitably be more cuts on the horizon, (especially day-care centre) so more protests expected.

3 AOB a) One person mentioned whether the group could use facebook chat to coordinate more with a regular meeting (every other Wed night was suggested)

Meeting closed at 8.20pm


One response to “Minutes of Meeting 24th Feb 7pm

  1. Neil Duncan-Jordan February 25, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Bournemouth and Poole Anti Cuts Coalition have issued details about coaches going to London for 26 March demo. To book seats please call UNITE on 01202-294333 or
    email UNISON on
    Note: There may be a charge for those who are not members of these unions, but all welcome.

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