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Turn somewhere into a Library!

Turn somewhere into a Library!

Saturday, February 26 · 10:45am
Location    Bournemouth Square

Dorset County Council is looking to shut up to 20 libraries in our county. Meanwhile the banks, many of which are owned by the public, are paying themselves billions in bonuses.

Bournemouth UnCut will bring the two together on Saturday as we turn a bank into a Library for the morning.

The first bank bail-out was, let’s face it, astonishingly expensive and not much fun. The public was left billions lighter in the pocket, with litt…le more to show for it than their names in the fine print. What did we get for our money? Greater regulation to ensure the crash didn’t happen again? No. A reformed banking system that serves us rather than the city? No. How about penitent bankers showing restraint with their pay packets? Um, also no.

Luckily, The Big Society Bail-In is much cheaper, more effective and, crucially, much more fun. Intrepid Bournemouth Uncut volunteers will be bailing into the banks and setting up a library. After all, as Osborne’s valiant defence of city bonuses against common sense shows, the banks have nothing to fear from the austerity agenda. What better place to keep our services safe from the Treasury axe?

Wanna come along and help? Bring a book (or several) and meet us by the ‘eternal flame’ in Bournemouth Square on Saturday 10.45am sharp.!/event.php?eid=203112466365432


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