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Monthly Archives: August 2011

How to help defend the NHS

Join the NHS big weekend 3-4 September      click here for info on how to campaign to save our nhs  On Sept 7th 2011 MPs will vote on the Health and Social Care Bill. Despite ammendments and government claims of having listened to the professionals and public this Bill threatens the very existence if our NHS as it was intended. Of course history has taught us that the Tories have never supported the idea of free health care for all based on need not finances. This Bill opens up our NHS to allow private health care providers to enter the UKs health “market” and syphon off profits for their shareholders from our taxes, which should be re-invested in the NHS.

The Bill is longer than that which founded the NHS in 1948. Andrew Lansley has been working for many years on how to open up the UK’s health “market” to large corporations, and whilst doing so these private corporations made large donations to the Tory party.

As well as being opposed to the idea of private companies making profits from our ill health there are a cascade of consequences, should MPs vote to pass it. These include drop in care standards, corner, cutting cost cutting in order to compete, services removed from nhs provision, medical training splintered, struggling hospitals forced to take in private paying patients over those who can’t afford to pay but have more urgent medical need etc..

Please take the time now to fight for our NHS for the future generations.