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  1. Douglas lock June 4, 2011 at 7:56 am

    A Broken promises from a failing government Or
    Failed promises from a broken government.

    1. “We will reduce the deficit”
    Failure:. Deficit in April 2011 £10 billion. Highest ever deficit in April. Thus a dreadful start to the new financial Year as the National Debt reaches a new record level.

    2. “We will change a debt driven economy to an enterprise driven economy”
    Failure: Personal debt at £1,456 billion is still rising.

    3. “We will rebalance the Economy”
    Failure: Service Sector still pre UK economy. Manufacturing sector. at five year low in April 2011

    4. “We will reduce immigration”
    Failure: May 2011 Highest net immigration since June 2005 at 242,000

    5 “We will reduce welfare dependency”
    Failure 2.5 million claimants. The only change is a change in assessment procedures and benefit levels.

    6. “We will enhance the role of the UK in international affairs”
    Failure. Only success is in WAR in North Africa, Relief and support to the worlds poor conspicuous by its absence.

    7. “We will control the Banks”
    Failure; Bonuses just as high and the failure of the Merlin agreement to increase lending to smaller and medium businesses is creating concern..

    8. “ We will create a prosperous Britain”
    Failure. Inflation and decline in standards of living now at new record levels.

    9 “We will reduce carbon emissions”
    Failure: Emissions UP 2.8?% General agreement that the Carbon Market is failing.

    10 “ We will control M.Ps excesses in Expense allowances
    Failure: Recent news ‘Taxpayers cover credit card expenses of M.Ps at new record level of £800,000 £3.2 million claimed in first two months of this year.

    12 “ We will increase upward social mobility through education reform”
    Failure:. University fees at £9,000 per year, cutting the EMA and Sure Start schemes and creating Free Schools all work in exactly the opposite way and create greater social inequality.

    13. “ We will reform the NHS”.
    Failure. The Health bill has met opposition from every quarter and would demolish the NHS.

    14. “We will reform the Housing Market”
    Failure. First time buyers excluded from the market by Mortgage restrictions. Social Housing construction down. 1.7 million applicants for social housing. Government target is a mere 150,000 houses over 4 years.. Welfare rent subsidies down. A looming housing crisis..

    15. “ We will bring Constitutional change and greater democracy to the UK
    Failure .A Tory organised No to AV campaign. A gerrymandering change to the constituency boundaries being pushed through. More Tory Members of the House of Lords.

    Where does it stop?

    This Coalition was NOT elected with any mandate for this sorry tale of failure.
    The opposition to much of what they propose is creating a politicised generation among students, young women and Trade Unionists. Their credibility is coming under strain. BUT they are bolstered by their media friends, by a supine Lib Dem group of MPs and by the astonishing apathy of whole swathes of the population who do not vote, who believe the Daily Mail and who are essentially apolitical.

    So how do we rate the Tory coalition? FAILURE.FAILURE FAILURE

    Douglas June 2011

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