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A Week To Go On The Petition

Please sign the Petition the Minister for Disabled People to Recall the Public Consultation on DLA Reform 

Things are hotting up now that there are only two weeks left until the Disability Living Allowance reform consultation closes on the 14th of February. The Broken of Britain has arranged for EDM 1332 in Westminster, a Statement of Opinion in the Welsh Assembly, and otherwise campaigning and lobbying. However, our first action was this petition calling on the Minister for Disabled People to recall the consultation and cancel reform plans. The petition will be presented to Maria Miller and the Department of Work and Pensions.

When the petition is submitted, we hope to have 10,000 signatures. At the moment, there are 3,786. The target should not pose great difficulties, as there are 3.1 million DLA claimants in the UK, so gathering 6,214 signatures in a week should not be a problem. The only obstacle is making sure that people know about it, and this is where we need your help. We need you to blog about the petition; tweet about it, e-mail the link to family and friends; post it on your websites. You can even accost random strangers on the street, but we don’t recommend it… Best of luck!


Let’s tell our councils we don’t want these cuts!

1st March – protest at Poole Council meeting. Gather at 6pm outside the Civic Centre.


22nd Feb – protest at Bournemouth Council meeting. Gather at 6pm outside Bournemouth Town Hall

Coalition of Resistance week of protest from 14 February

Here are extracts from Coalition of Resistance Conference Declaration

The phoney war is over. The Coalition of Resistance’s aim is to force the ConDem government to abandon its cuts programme. The recent anti-cuts demonstrations and the Milbank occupation by students mark a turning point in people’s willingness to go beyond token protests.

As the reality of the cuts manifests itself, local campaigns are now also organising against the government’s programme of demolishing welfare and state provision. The Coalition of Resistance (CoR) has called on all anti-cuts groups, trade unionists, students and campaigning organisations to participate in a week of protest from Monday 14 February involving local events all over the country and a demonstration in London.

CoR will encourage all anti-cuts organisations to work together with the aim of establishing a single, broad, and united anti-cuts organisation in each area. Where no local campaign exists, we will encourage CoR supporters to initiate one; where such a campaign does exist we will encourage it to affiliate to CoR.

In schools, colleges and universities, CoR will encourage the formation of united anti-cuts and anti-fees groups, and will help in the calling of a ‘No cuts, No Fees’ conference in 2011 to establish a united national campaign. We celebrate and support the flourishing student protests, demonstrations, strikes and occupations to fight fees, defend EMA and for free education for all. We agree to call upon the trade union and labour movement, on student days of actions, to provide maximum support including lunch time protests and sending delegations to demonstrations.

CoR is committed to opposing all cuts and privatisation; exposing their effects on the most poor and vulnerable, opposing the government’s plan to dismantle the welfare state; and rejecting all proposals to “solve” the crisis through racism and other forms of scape-goating. We call on all Local Authorities and councillors to oppose cuts in their authorities and to support those councillors who resist cuts. Where councillors refuse to vote for cuts we will do all we can to mobilise support for them.

Day of Action Sunday 30th January

As part of UK Uncut’s national day of action and continued campaign against tax avoiders, we will be staging a demonstration in Poole. Time and meeting place to be confirmed

If you are interested in attending and would rather not post on facebook page please email and we will respond individually with details.

Who we are & what we are about

We are a local protest group in the Bournemouth & Poole area, from all walks of life, who are appalled at the cuts this government is making to our public services whilst letting rich individuals and corporations avoid billions of pounds of tax. Join UK Uncut’s Big Society Revenue & Customs (BSRC) and become part of an army of citizen volunteers determined to make wealthy tax avoiders pay. If they won’t chase them, we will.

The government insists that drastic public spending cuts and a hike to VAT are essential. They claim that we’re all in this together. But both the cuts and the VAT increase will hit the poor and most vulnerable hardest.

We will be staging protests in local High Streets to highlight the fact that rich corporations and individuals are getting away with shirking £30bn of tax every year. For Vodafone, Philip Green, HSBC, Grolsch, HMV, Boots, Barclays, KPMG and others there is no fear of being fined by the government. Instead they can employ armies of lawyers and accountants to exploit legal loopholes and dodge billions in tax they owe to us.

Along with opposing the public services cuts we will be campaigning against the NHS reforms which in plain terms is nothing less than back-door privatisation.

If you’re angry that the government is cutting services for the poorest and most vulnerable whilst letting the rich avoid billions in tax, then please join us, even if you have never been on a protest before. Tell all your friends, family and colleagues. Come up with creative protest ideas. Start planning

The government is determined to plough ahead with these savage, unnecessary, ideological cuts. But a growing protest movement is starting to stage the fight back. Be a part of it.

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Say Hello To Pickles – Friday 21st Jan

Eric Pickles will be attending Poole Grammar School to take part in the Radio 4 Any Questions. Pickles is Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Dept responsible for setting Local Authority budgets. This is an ideal opportunity to let him know what you think of his cuts to public services and workers.

The school is situated on Gravel Hill. Meet outside the school gates at 6pm. The more the merrier and the stronger the message that the people do not want this.

UK Uncut leaflets, posters etc

In the below link are posters, leaflets etc that can be downloaded